Wara Art Festival 2019


@ Uwasekigata Park

Welcome to
Nishikan, Niigata City
Welcome toNishikan, Niigata City

Niigata City is a large agricultural city that boasts the largest area of paddy fields and rice production in all the municipalities of Japan.
Nishikan Ward , which has Niigata's largest agricultural land area and is blessed with abundant nature, is filled with seasonal highlights.
Nishikan Ward in Niigata is a town that will put a new smile on your face when you visit.

Nishikan Ward and Wara Art

Nishikan Ward and Wara Art

Nishikan Ward is the hometown of Wara Art. These unique works made with straw (wara in Japanese) can be said to be a form of art that naturally emerged from Nishikan Ward, one of Japan's largest agricultural areas. Cooperation between young Tokyoites and local residents supports these works that astonish and move so many tourists.



Round-table Chat: Nishikan Ward, Cuisine, and Wara Art



Nishikan Ward Wander Tour

Nishikan Ward is more than just the Wara Art sculptures-we have beautiful rice field landscapes, hot springs, mountains, and the sea.

Sightseeing Information

Sightseeing Information

In Nishikan Ward, you can encounter gourmet cuisine and culture unique to this place with seasonal beautiful scenery, delicious rice, and more. Create your own personal memories amidst the picturesque landscape of traditional Japan.

Try Visiting Nishikan Ward

Directions to Niigata Prefecture

By airplane from overseas

  • From Seoul

    1 hour 50 minutes

  • From Shanghai

    2 hours 30 minutes

  • From Harbin

    2 hours 10 minutes

  • From Taipei

    3 hours 10 minutes

By Shinkansen from Tokyo

  • Joetsu Shinkansen

    2 hours


  • ------


Directions to Nishikan Ward

Via the JR Echigo Line from Niigata Station

  • Echigo-Sone Station, 35 minutes

    Maki Station, 40 minutes

    Iwamura Station, 45 minutes

Allow the creatures to show you an alternate universe.

Wara Art Festival 2019

Dates: Sunday, August 25—Thursday, October 31
Location: Uwasekigata Park

This event is one that only "rice country" Niigata can put on as rice straw ("wara") make up the giant creatures at the Wara Art Festival. The straw creatures will show you a completely alternate universe that explores the theme of what it would be "If" a things were different.

The giant sculptures can be seen in Uwasekigata Park and during the opening event on August 25th, there will be chances to make your own art out of straw and buy specialty goods from the Nishikan Ward of Niigata City.

Enjoy a relaxing end of summer outing at this picturesque location.

If you're going to Nishikan Ward, it's convenient to take a private taxi from the airport!


Uwasekigata Park

If you use the Niigata West Coast Liner, it is 50 minutes non-stop from Niigata Airport to Iwamuro Onsen. Have the hotel store your luggage and enjoy a comfortable stroll in the onsen town.

See the Sights of Nishikan Ward by Bus

Nishikan Ward Tourism Loop Bus

Nishikan Ward Tourism Loop Bus

Visit Iwamuroya to buy Nishikan Ward souvenirs and have lunch, hike one of the many trails up Mt. Kakuda, take in the grand view of the Sea of Japan along the Seaside Line coastal road, and enjoy all that Nishikan Ward has to offer. This loop bus visits the various spots of Nishikan Ward from July through December.

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